LIFE is not always easy!! Struggles occur when we may least expect it! I never saw my struggles coming until I was in the thick of things! You can't see the wood for the trees! Discovering the possibilities of change and then stepping out and taking ACTION are two different things!  
You have to have courage, support and guts to make changes... but it IS POSSIBLE! 
The main thing is to never give up, to never lose HOPE that there are other options and that LIFE is worth living!  
My 3 boys and I were living in fear and walking on egg shells... afraid to cause the next eruption of anger, to provoke the next out burst of rage and accusations... but finally we are free and are making new tracks with our lives... It is SO GOOD to break free and take those first steps to new life! I have now done and acheived more things than I would have thougth possible! I have written a book, I am an active Toastmaster, delivering speeches and encouragement to many people. Plus I am teaching new courses on Speech Development and growing in Leadership! It is amazing what you can acheive when you put your mind to it! 
There are many therapies out there that can help, but the R.O.M. Process is gentle, safe and non-re-traumatising.. and my past clients are simply delighted and excited to discover within themselves new potential and strengths that they didn't know they had!  
One of my clients just wrote a fabulous letter where she says: 
"Thank you so much for everything... it has taken me a while, but you helped me at the lowest point in my life. I was so depressed and could not see a future. Now I have acheived a new management position, my relationships with my family are much imporved, and I have huge self -esteem! Life is fabulous! Thank you for being there for me, and for caring." 
For me, this sort of feedback is priceless... to see people back on their feet with hope for a positive future is so rewarding and enriching.  
Yes, it takes time, but each day presents new oppportunities...  
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